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How Humana works?

A new way of buying thousands of products and services in robotized smart stores. A new shopping experience designed for the future of convenience.

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    Our stores are prepared to be placed in strategic urban locations. They are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

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    You can shop in a physical Humana store or do it online through the App, you can decide when to pick up your order and, in that way, manage to optimize the time you spend away from home.

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    Humana accepts all the physical and digital methods of payment so that you can pay in the way that best suits your needs.

The Benefits of Shopping in Humana

In Humana you will find what you want, whenever you want. Forget about lines, waiting and intermediaries. You can shop through the App or directly at the store and pay with the method that best suits your needs.

365 Days
The Best Products
Open 24/7

Products that Can Be Found in a Humana Store

Grocery Grocery
Beberages Beberages
Personal Care Personal Care
Candy Candy
Kiosks Kiosks
 Cleaning Supplies Cleaning Supplies
 Pet Supplies Pet Supplies
Snacks Snacks
Electronics Electronics
Babies and Children Babies and Children
Pharmacy Pharmacy

Shop through the App

Our App allows you to create your account, check products and prices and shop through your mobile device. In this way, when you get to the store you only need to pick up your order by scanning the QR code.


Select the Closest Store
24/7 every day of the year.

Purchase your Product
We have all the products you need.

Go to the Store to Pick up your Order
And enjoy!

Download the app


Invest in your Humana Store

In the past, if you wanted to sell more, you had to increase the costs related to labor, rent and maintenance. Even though E-commerce is experiencing exponential growth, we know that it will not replace physical stores. The shopper has also evolved searching for new and convenient shopping experiences. Humana Stores are convenience stores that are managed without staff and work 100% remotely. They welcome moderate investors to channel their savings in the United States. It is a passive investment in unmanned convenience stores that will change the future of retail.

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